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Singapore National Day 2018 (NDP)

The 9th of August Singapore celebrates the fact that they became independent in the morning of that day…

The 9th of August Singapore celebrates the fact that they became independent in the morning of that day in the summer of 1965. Since then a lot of things have changed and Singapore has a lot to celebrate for. Which as a matter of fact they DO!

Everywhere you look you will see the preparations for this big event in Singapore. All of Singapore is preparing for the festivities and everywhere you go you will see flags and decorations. One outperforming the other. I wonder if there is some kind of contest to select the condo that has the best decorations?

This year’s official theme.

This year’s theme is about 18 days of giving back, which resulted in numerous public initiatives that will conclude with the big finale on the 9th of August at The Float @ Marina Bay.

If the amount of decorations is any indication the 9th promises to be exciting, engaging and emotive as every Singaporean celebrates that they have achieved the extraordinary. This year’s themesong is “We Are Singapore” and the show emphasises on “We” to emphasise Singapore’s focus on supporting each other.


The main celebration is divided into two segments, National Day Parade (NDP) Parade & Ceremony (P&C) where more than 2,600 Singaporeans will participate in a total of 33 marching contingents and the largest combined Military Tattoo performance at the Float.

The entire programme of the event can be checked here.

Even though the tickets to see this great show are not for sale it might be worth visiting the Marina Bay as there will be the areal show as well as a light show and a Grand Finale with fireworks. The only way to get tickets is through balloting. There is one alternative as you may win tickets by participating in contests held on the official Facebook or Instagram pages. Follow on Twitter. 

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