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Fabulous is the Baker Boy

This Sunday it was father’s day and I was spoiled to both a breakfast and a trip down…

This Sunday it was father’s day and I was spoiled to both a breakfast and a trip down memory lane as we went back to where we had stayed when we arrived in Singapore. Our residence had a nice view over Fort Canning where at the base is this nice establishment called the Fabulous Baker Boy. Or son has been a fan ever since laying eyes on the confectioners preparing cakes in the glassed kitchen.

In the old Community Pool

They can be found at the area where formerly he local River valley road swimming pool could be found. There are records of the place dating back till 1919 and had seen it better days before the pool itself was demolished in 2010. Fortunately some of the buildings remained and the Fabulous Baker Boy found his spot there. In front of the building is a large lawn for the kids to run around and enjoy some playground features. You can relax here and look at them playing while enjoying your food their cakes and drinks.

Their cakes

So we went there for breakfast again and were welcomed by one of my favourite songs. Take a holiday in Spain, by BLØF and the Counting Crows, which made my day. But we came here to call their bluff. So we sat there and enjoyed our picks.  Our youngest choose the Blueberry Lemon Yoghurt, our son one of their specialties Pancakes and we had French Toast and Sweet As Cynth (Cinnamon​ & Brown sugar pancakes with a maple syrup and cream cheese sauce topped with pecans), which I would seriously recommend. I loved it.

Their coffee’s

We are into coffee’s and although it is almost impossible to meet the quality of their cakes we still loved their coffee’s as well. They are full of flavour with a nice brown cream on top.


One of the nice things about this place is that you can see how the cakes come to live the moment you enter the place. Our kids love watching in front of the glassed kitchen how cream, fresh fruit and many more goodies are  used to decorate the cakes. So we took the table right in front. One thing you should do is make a reservation. Although it might look quiet, most of the tables are reserved and will not be given to passer-byes. Once reserved you cannot sit there to enjoy a quick coffee and a bite served by the hospitable crew the Baker Boy has gathered around him.

Apart from coffee, lunch and dinner (on Friday and Saturday) you can also order cakes. Check their website…. for all information.



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