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Huber, a first class butcher with Swiss origin. Definitely on our favourites list!

This weekend we went out with the family to discover more of Singapore and the neighbourhood we are…

This weekend we went out with the family to discover more of Singapore and the neighbourhood we are going to live in. A friend informed us that one of the great places to go to is Dempsey Hill and especially she stressed that we had to visit Huber’s Butchery.

So off we went, to Dempsey Hill, where, at the bottom of the hill we found Huber’s next to the carpark  A first class butcher with Swiss origin of which we are most certain that it will be on our list of preferred shops in Singapore.

The Butchers’

You have to take the escalator to go to the second floor where you shopping experience begins. You enter the first part of the butchery and you are greeted by the fine staff of Huber’s. The selection of fresh products is amazing. Then you take the lift to the first floor and you are amazed by what they are offering. You can find almost everything you like wether it be beef, veal, poultry or lamb. They have a vast array of sausages or charcutterie.

Huber Butchery Interior
Huber Butchery Interior

Even if you are not into beef it definately is a place to put on your favourites list. The two floors also display other fresh produce and it is a delight to shop here and enjoy all the culinary treats. Their assortment is complimented with nice cheeses, wines, condiments and drinks you probably will not find somewhere else in Singapore. For anyone who loves the KaDeWe this is the place to go to in Singapore if comes to delicacies.

The Bistro

If you have been able to control yourself and did not go full out in a foodilicious shoppingspree you should visit the nice bistro where you can rest and enjoy breakfast or lunch either outside or in and enjoy the authentic German/Swiss menu. And, not to worry about the kids, as they can play at the nearby playground.

We enjoyed this place very much, the only thing that surprised us was that they don’t do tabwater. Although this is custom in Europe we had gotten so used to the standard glass of water that this took us by surprise when we asked for a glas of water to accompany our drinks and we got the reply: Sorry sir, but at Huber we don’t do tabwater.

Go and visit Huber’s at 22 Dempsey Road

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