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Wanna Cuppa great coffee & their food is … Crab!

Do you wanna cuppa of really good coffee and are at Clarke Quay? The we know just the…

Do you wanna cuppa of really good coffee and are at Clarke Quay? The we know just the place.

By accident we stumbled upon Wanna Cuppa. Next to the street crossing at New Bridge Road you will find this Coffee Bar/Restaurant. We needed a quick bite and some drinks to go by pure luck we walked into this nice 1920’s inspired boutique coffee shop.

Amazed by their friendliness

Amazed by their friendliness and service we decided to had go back the next day to really enjoy a coffee and cake. It was difficult to choose from all the nice sweets but in the end we went for a ondeh ondeh cake and eclairons(a mix of eclairs and macaroons). And their coffee…. Downright amazing in part due to  the award-winning Signature Blend coffee beans created by Justin Metcalf World Barista Judge™. One other thing you should try if you fancy your coffees as much as your cocktails, the espresso martini, a true coffee cocktail sensation.

They have been around since 2015 and we do enjoy the colourful design of the place. The funny thing is that you can enjoy your coffee in relative tranquility in a colourful and relaxed atmosphere.

On the Menu

Not only do the serve great coffee’s, We looked at their menu and the next time we know what we want as apparently their food is …. crab.

Soft-Shell Crab Duo Pasta

Eggs Benedict



If you want to visit them go to 15 New Bridge Rd, or call them on +65 6816 2494.

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