Dreams can take you to wondrous places. They motivate you to find and express yourself, and give you the courage to become greater. Go on a journey inspired by a Singaporean artist – A BIG DREAMER – Whose story exemplifies the power of the mind and art to create infinite possibilities.

Every year the festival is inspired by an artist. This year’s Big Dreamer is Singaporean artist Lee Wen. He is a performance artist who uses his body, rather than painting or scuplting to tell stories.

We went there and the kids loved it. Right from the start they were full on as they were actually allowed to make as much noise as they could with different kitchen items an discover their sounds.

In total 5 artists and art collectives contributed to this nice festival. If you have the time take you kid to the festival en let them explore the interactive installations en simultaniously educate them in different forms of art.

The highlights for us were the interactive installation in the beginning where you can make your own interactive figure, the evolution of firework and Hands On from We make Carpets.

A Waking Dream: Sun-boy and Yellow ManBy Lee Wen

Explore five interactive installations with a cast of fun characters inspired by Lee Wen’s book: A Waking Dream and his best-known performance series Journey of a Yellow Man.


Passages and Bridges – Evolution of FirewalkBy Mark Justiniani

Take a surreal walk along this bridge and peer through the windows of time. Uncover stories connecting us to the realms of the cherished and yet forgotten.


Hands OnBy We Make Carpets

Create works of art using pool noodles, velcro and other household items. You will never see everyday objects in the same way again!

Hands On is based on an exhibition first commissioned by National Gallery Victoria (NGV), Melbourne and developed in colaboration with We Make Carpets in 2017–18


By teamLab

Flowers and People – DarkObserve flowers springing up, blossoming and then withering away in this multi-channel installation. The audience’s behaviour influences the process, creating spontaneous and unique responses.


Walk, Walk, Walk: Search, Deviate, ReuniteBy teamLab

This immersive digital installation blurs the line between the virtual and real world. Step inside a wondroous labyrinth and encounter different characters and divergent paths in a quest for enlightenment.

To enter the festival you need a general admission ticket. Children up to 6 years old are free to enter and up to 12 they get a discount.


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